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Giving Hope Children's Hope FAQ


  • The Giving Hope Children's Home is located in Kumasi, Ghana. 
  • Construction of the home began in 2003, by New Testament Assembly, but was halted due to lack of funds. 
  • The first phase of the home, a duplex, will be completed in winter, 2014.  A well, fish pond, and garden will also be installed at that time.
  • Ask For the Nations Ministries (AFN) and Canaan Life Project (CLP) are working with local authorities and local orphan care NGOs to properly place children and caregivers in the home. 
  • After completion the home, children, and care givers will be directly overseen by the leadership of the CLP, specifically Bishop Frank Agyapong.  
  • Sponsorship, continued development, and US relations will be overseen by AFN (Jody and Stephanie Roscoe), in partnership with Giving Hope (Dimitry Mischchuk)
  • The goal is for Giving Hope Children's home to be self sustaining within three years.  Until such time, ongoing sponsorship of each child will be needed for basic needs.  Education sponsorship will also be required.
  • Total sponsorship for each child is estimated at $50 monthly, and will begin in February, 2014.
  • Sponsorship funds are collected by AFN ministries, and handled locally by CLP.  Rigorous financial records are kept, reviewed annually for accuracy, and made public for accountability.
  • For additional information regarding this project, please contact AFN director, Stephanie: roscoe@afnministries.org or 803-339-9517.
  • *Giving Hope, Ask For the Nations Ministries, and Canaan Life Project are registered NPOs and NGO, respectively.

Giving Hope Children's Hope Flyer